Welcome to the Contrada Massarella

The Contrada Massarella belongs to all those who live there and open to those who wish to participate in the activities planned.

The Contrada does not discriminate with regard to political views, religious beliefs or race and is inspired by the noble principles of Brotherhood, Equality and Justice. It is sustained by enthusiasm and willingness to participate that have always distinguished its members, to the point that the full name of the association is: “Gruppo Spontaneo d’Iniziativa Contrada Massarella” – or “The Contrada Massarella Spontaneous Group of Initiatives”.

This Contrada represents the age-old town of Massarella, nestled amidst the slopes of the Tuscan hills overlooking the Padule di Fucecchio, famous for its extraordinarily beautiful landscapes and nature.

Being a part of the Contrada means being an integral member of the community and participating in the organisation and carrying out numerous initiatives that take place during the year, including the Sagra della Zuppa, The Palio di Fucecchio, the Palio dei Barchini and the Procession of the Madonna in Barca.

The Contrada preserves the historical-cultural identity of Massarella and is proud to invite you to join them in their manifestations, which you can find out more about by visiting our web site.